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The sound of picture

     It seems just too simple: just photos with sounds. However, these TakeStories create the sensation of "presence", the feeling of actually being there, bringing back vivid memories of these places and events. Especially, if these are YOUR memories. That’s how we feel about TakeStories. But don’t take our word for it: click on the examples below and see for yourself.

La Sagrada de Familia

Transparent towers


Photos & art by Jeremy Comins, poems by Josef Brand
First Day in Barcelona

Barcelona Aquarium

A Day in the life of a Moscow student

An average day in the life of Bauman Moscow State University Student
Kerkera, Greece

Kerkera, Greece
Sea sunset

2014-07-14 Barcelona

Ukrainian restaurant

Hang drum

Light in church

Joseph and Rene

TakeStory is a way to preserve the sounds of our lives and share them with others.
On this page are some of our best TakeStories. Using the TakeStory app for Android, you can create similar stories, or get creative and achieve new and interesting results! To find answers to the questions that you may have, please visit the HowTo and FAQ sections of our site. If you would like to ask us a question, give a suggestion, or would like us to display your Story on our site, please contact us at
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